Customers call the helpline for general enquiries, bank related queries, product information, registering complaints, etc. The requisite information is provided and the inbound call opportunity is also used for Upselling and Lead Generation as the case maybe. In case of complaints the client CRM is used to log and route the complaints to the right channels for speedy redressal, follow-up and closure. Efforts are made to keep the Turn Around Time (TAT) as small as possible.

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Amigos has been one of the leading Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing service providers to Global clients for nearly a decade. The inbound services includes providing technical calls support, non-technical support, order taking services, inbound sales, customer services, helpdesk solutions etc.

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In a scenario where businesses are heavily dependent on technology for glitch free operations, a technical snag or downtime can negatively impact customers, productivity, revenues etc.


Amigos has an interesting mix of clientele which range from F & B to Machinery. Customers call in for assistance in placing orders either online or through phone.


Amigos’s Complaint & Grievance Management service differs from the rest as there is a certain level of distinct personal touch, involvement and empathy attached to it in resolving customer issues.


Leads are sourced by Amigos from various channels like cold calls, referrals, product launches/shows, etc. In some instances the leads database is provided by the client.


We analyse client's requirement and design a solution for optimum results. The methodology will be discussed with the client and defined. The team will be trained on the process and product to offer high quality service. The team will be monitored by Quality analyst and Managers to ensure service levels are achieved consistently.

Why to Outsource to us?

We assure our clients that the outsourced process is well taken care by professionals. The clients can save substantial amount of cost on operational overheads by outsourcing and still be able to provide professional service to their customers. We use technology and build or customise systems to offer high end inbound support services. The clients will be provided online access to track operations in real time from sitting in their office.