KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The services of KPO includes research, information gathering etc. It is regarded as an information driven process. The aim of every business will be to build a unique value with the help of their business expertise thus resulting in superior productivity. Here comes the KPO to help such organizations and we provide such skilled KPO experts for the enhancement of an organization. Our experts with advanced analytical and technical skills will mainly focus on the knowledge expertise.

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Amigos has been one of the leading KPO Call Centre Outsourcing service providers to Global clients for nearly a decade. The KPO services includes providing technical calls support, non-technical support, order taking services, KPO sales, customer services, helpdesk solutions etc.

KPO Services offered are:

People started to browse websites for any information they want and so content becomes a crucial thing in driving visitors to any Website. Writing requires researching, gathering information, editing and writing. The content needs to be simple and should communicate the desired information to the readers.

We offer effecting content writing services via multiple channels:

Web Content Writing:

We perform content writing that clearly reflects your business products and services. In addition we follow keyword based writing which is useful for your Website's SEO activities.

Technical Writing:

With a team of experienced Technical Writers we offer writing for user manuals, brochures, installation manuals, white papers, reference manuals and corporate documents in an easily understandable terminology.

Editing and Proofreading:

In addition to writing fresh content, we also perform editing an existing content such as travelogues, informative articles for perfection. In proofreading service, we make your content error-free and improve it in linguistic make-up.

Online learning or tutorials has emerged as a new and positive medium for learning. It gives the flexibility to learners to take the learning at their convenient time. The students can learn from well trained teachers and specialists. We provide both Academic and in-house support programs for schools or company. We depute specialist to offer world class trainings through online medium.

Business Research consists of a systematic process of gathering, recording and analyzing data for aid in making business decisions. It includes the gathering and evaluation of data regarding consumers' preferences for products and services. Market research includes collection and analysis of information about consumers, competitors and the effectiveness of marketing programs.

Businesses use market research to determine the feasibility of a new business, to understand the customers' response to new products or services, to improve aspects of their business such as customer service or distribution channels, develop competitive strategies and develop successful marketing plans. In a nutshell, market research allows businesses to make decisions that make them more responsive to customers' needs and increase thereby bring about an increase in the profits.

Management consulting is a practice of helping the organizations to improve the performance of their company and thus it is provided professionally by analyzing the problems and pans for the development to various organizations. These consulting services are outsourced to ensure better quality, delivery, and relationship. Organizations hire the services of management consultants for various reasons such as gaining external advice, hiring of permanent employees not required, etc.

We provide proprietary techniques that can be completely customized for your business and guides the problems that are identified. On the basis of our framework, we provide more effective and efficient ways of improving business tasks.

Today's business demands high quality service at a lesser cost to compete in price driven markets. The outsourcing model helps companies to focus on R&D and new initiatives to provide new products and services to their customers and to sustain in the competitive markets.

We at Amigos offer specialized KPO services to our clients. The clients can reduce their operational overheads by outsourcing. The outsourced activity will be performed by trained executives and manager to deliver the best to our clients. Each outsourced process will be executed by trained and experienced professionals. A detailed process flow is derived in consultation with the clients to provide a quality service. Our team will be in touch with the client regularly and periodic reviews will be conducted to evaluate the operation and to fill the gaps.