Mobility Solutions


SAP Fiori provides enterprises a unique opportunity for the companies to simplify SAP's traditional complex user experience and drive higher adoption of SAP ERP at no cost and Innovapptive is assisting several customers to get started quickly through our SAP qualified rapid deployment solution (RDS) and complete an SAP Fiori proof of concept (POC) implementation in less than 2 weeks. By using RDS methodology for SAP Fiori POC, Innovapptive saves 20 to 80% of the time and cost when compared to Traditional implementation method. Innovapptive's Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) implementation for SAP Fiori operationalizes the workforce immediately and brings instant value to your enterprise.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics practice at AMIGOS comprises of experienced consultants and senior analysts from various industries who offers various Analytics and Big data solutions and services. Leading enterprises leverage on AMIGOS's Analytics Services backed with deep industry understanding, next generation analytical methodologies, and expertise in statistical tools, for example, SAS and SPSS. With our proven solutions on advanced analytics and Big Data, our customers have witnessed significant and measurable lead against their competitors. Analytics practice at AMIGOS cuts across all industries. We offer customized and industry specific solutions in advanced analytics across industries like Manufacturing and High-tech, Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecom, and many more.